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About Aloha

The Inspired by Aloha project aims to inspire you to add a touch of aloha to your life. It builds on my life philosophy that if we spice up our lives with conscious efforts toward personal growth and awareness such as creative expression, yoga, meditation, sports, healthy food choices, and if we are part of a supportive community, we become happier.

After living almost 8 years in Hawaii and 6 years in Tahiti, I have a deep respect and awe for the Polynesian culture. I feel a strong connection and affinity to Hawaii and French Polynesia. My intention is to share some of the aspects of Polynesian culture and philosophy that I feel have not only touched me, but entirely shaped my life. My years in the Pacific and the contact with the people and culture there have greatly enhanced my life. To me, aloha is symbolic of the positive experiences and influences of the Polynesian culture, spirit and lifestyle, and therefore I want so share with you the idea of letting your life be INSPIRED BY ALOHA. Being inspired by aloha will make you happier, healthier, more energetic and balanced: I promise.

I love this description of aloha from

"The literal meaning of aloha is “the presence of breath” or “the breath of life.” It comes from “Alo,” meaning presence, front and face, and “ha,” meaning breath. Aloha is a way of living and treating each other with love and respect. Its deep meaning starts by teaching ourselves to love our own beings first and afterwards to spread the love to others. 

According to the old kahunas (priests), being able to live the Spirit of Aloha was a way of reaching self-perfection and realization for our own body and soul. Aloha is sending and receiving a positive energy. Aloha is living in harmony. When you live the Spirit of Aloha, you create positive feelings and thoughts, which are never gone. They exist in space, multiply and spread over to others."


Letting aloha infuse your life means realizing that being a harmonious person is closely related to having a self-loving and holistic approach to life so that your internal and external life is balanced and healthy.  You  shine your brightest when you love yourself and your "tribe," and you live a life filled with healthy choices and activities that inspire you. You are happiest when are relaxed, balanced, inspired and encouraged and supported by a community of friends and family.

Want to learn more about the meaning of ALOHA? You can read more about the deeper meaning of Aloha here.  Aloha has several meanings, but one that I really like is:

The word “Aloha” has been interpreted in different ways, but it pretty much always implies peace, love, hospitality and compassion. To me, “Aloha” is a term that goes hand in hand with yoga, because “the spirit of aloha” is not so different from the yogic spirit. The word "namasté" in Sanskrit is sometimes translated as "the light within me, sees and honors the light within you," and in many ways the word "aloha" resembles this. If we are seeking a happier, more balanced life, we can let ourselves be Inspired by Aloha.

"Aloha is being part of all, and all being part of you."

                                                                                                                                   (Quote: Curby Rule).


I use the phrase inspired by aloha as symbolic of living the life you want, the life that makes you happy, healthy and thriving. The program I offer uses a holistic approach to life to make your life more balanced and fulfilling. Key concepts are: discovering true self-acceptance/love, yoga (both the physical practice and the deeper, philosophical practice), creative expression (unleash your inner artist; I know you have one!), sports/activity, healthy habits, connecting with nature and a supportive  community of women. I am so excited that you have come by to meet me! I am excited to get to know you, and also excited to share the best of what I have learned through my experiences in life.