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Coming up:  I will be offering a multimedia e-course to a limited number of attendees. The e-course will go over 6 weeks. The aim of the course is to help you shift your mind to a more positive outlook on life, so that you can wake up looking forward to the day and everything it has to offer, and go to bed happy about it turned out.

Life is too short, there is no time to waste: get ready to live life to its fullest!

The course give access to the carefully designed program including: 

  • e-book with detailed lifestyle guidance to improving your mood, energy level and health.
  • online yoga classes (especially designed for you)
  • teleconferences (Skype)
  • meditation audio files
  • access to private online mastermind group (to share and discuss course with others taking the course)

You will learn everything you need to take concrete steps toward feeling more energetic, vibrant, healthy and happy. You will learn how to use your mind and your heart to be positive, loving (self-love and other-love) strong, creative and as AMAZING as you can be.

You will shine you light brighter than ever before:)

We are going to learn, cooperate and create an amazing space of women who are brilliant, beautiful and who encourage each other. I am really excited for you to be part of this. If you have been feeling "out of sorts" lately, and wonder what happened to make you so tired, stressed and a bit bored, and if you miss  having the support of a loving, women´s community, you have come to the right place. Together we will create a special space and beautiful experience and the whole time you will feel supported and encouraged by a community of non-competitive, positive women.

It´s going to be fun, fun, fun! 

Make sure to stay posted about the courses and when it´s time to sign up for them, by subscribing to my mailing list below:)