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One on one lifestyle guidance

This is the time to take self development to a whole new level. I will be offering one on one lifestyle guidance where we go deeper and work together to make the changes you need to move toward your brightest, happiest, healthiest life possible.

Life is supposed to be lived to its fullest and I know that is possible for you to combine your hectic, daily routine with an energetic, healthy, creative and happy life. I know you have the strength to make the changes you need. Now.

 I will personalize your guidance and we will work together as you take the steps toward your new life. I will share my best tips and advice with you and give you personal attention while you transform.

The aim of guidance sessions is to:

  • Start connecting with and fully appreciating your inner beauty. You will start the work to peel away the layers of self-sabotaging, limiting beliefs that you might carry.
  • Discover self-love (this is a process, but we start it together, and I give you the tools you need to keep it growing)
  • Feel supported on your journey toward a better, healthier, happier lifestyle
  • Know what you need to do to get started on a more balanced, energetic, happy lifestyle.
  • Start connecting with and listening to your inner voice/guide/intuition. In turn you will become more true to your heart (and when you listen to your heart, life is simply better).
  • Feel brave and ready to scream from the rooftops what your heart desires:) 
  • Be ready to make the changes you need to be happier and healthier in your life.

There is no reason you shouldn´t be living life to its fullest. There is no reason your life shouldn´t be happy, healthy, fun and energetic. Sometimes our lives has taken on a different path than we had planned or expected, and we might feel lost or lose hope. Together we find the way back to your ideal life, a life where you wake up each morning with gratitude and joy in your heart.

My background and experience is broad:

  • Professional athlete in watersports (Windsurfing, kiteboarding, surfing and stand-up paddling)
  • Yoga instructor (I have practiced yoga for the about 20 years and had my own yoga-school in Tahiti)
  • Singer-songwriter-guitarist  
  • Painter
  • Master Graduate (Political Science-International Relations, focused on environment/Deep Ecology).
  • Mom
  • Happy wife.
  • Happy, self-proclaimed urban hippy.

My experience in life has led me on a path that (although it has been rather bumpy at times), has given me unwavering confidence deep and true happiness and health is not only possible, but very reachable, and not necessarily difficult. Check out more about my background here.

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