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Aloha Life


In this section you will find the key proponents to a balanced life, or like I like to call it: A life inspired by aloha. You see, you don't have to live in Hawaii, be Hawaiian or play the ukulele and dance hula in order to be inspired by aloha. Living a life inspired by aloha, means living a life filled with peace, love and happiness. There are of course many ways to approach life, but my experience is that it is important that our lives have certain elements added to them. You will find your personal blend!  Below I list the general blend that I believe brings happiness, health and overall wellness:

  • Discovering deep self-love/culturing self-acceptance  (and doing your best to spread that love)
  • Yoga (both the philosophy and physical practice of asana).
  • Creative expression (can be so many things, f.ex. music, painting, dancing)
  • Sports/physical activity (a walk in the woods or a surf session, it´s all the same!)
  • Connection with nature (really seeing and appreciating nature and its beauty and miracles, and taking time to be in nature is essential to true health and happiness).
  • Healthy living (meaning replacing bad habits with healthy ones, eating healthy food etc.)
  • Being part of a supportive community (when we feel supported and encouraged we become more confident, compassionate and happy!)

This is of course very broad, and each person needs to find their own personal blend, however I have noticed that if one or several of these elements are missing from my life, I become unhappy (quickly). So I need to take an active position in my own life and make sure that these are included in my hectic, everyday routine life. And yes, I do believe that even in a hectic lifestyle, filled with work, kids, friends, family and a bunch of obligations it is possible to add all these elements and secure your lasting happiness. I believe if you lose track of yourself, and stop listening to your hearts and that wise, inner voice/guide that knows you better than anyone, you become unhappy and lost. It is a choice we make, and you need to be active in making that choice and infusing your life with the good stuff. You can choose to make sure that you still take time to laugh, play, be creative and silly in your hectic, daily routine. Our souls need to nourished with the things we love the most.


It is SO important that you realize that YOU are capable of so many things (that you might currently believe impossible), and that you discover true self-love. When you connect with the side of yourself that truly recognizes the beauty you carryyou are happier, more free and you also show more love for everyone and everything that surrounds you.

 Your life CAN be filled with light, joy and love. You life should be filled with happy, powerful moments that make you want to cry. You are unique, you are beautiful, you are amazing and you are SO BRIGHT. Living a life inspired by aloha means shining your light brightly, sharing your gifts, your love, your positive energy. Being balanced, at ease, serene, loving…and sharing that with the world:) 

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