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Discover Self-love/self-acceptance

When I speak of discovering self-love, some might feel that it´s a bit narcissistic, but what I am trying to convey, is more of a feeling of moving toward deep self acceptance. It´s not so much about thinking or saying "I am the best in the world, so I just loooooove myself (more than anyone else)," but more in the sense of "I am not perfect, but I certainly have some pretty awesome things about me, and I want to embrace everything about myself. I want to learn to love and accept wholeheartedly the fact that I am sometimes not perfect, but I am beautiful and bright, and I see and encourage and share those parts that make me that make me proud, self-confident and happy. I want to give myself the freedom to be me, with my greatness and my imperfections, changing moods, good and bad days, and love every second, every inch, every pound of that: every part of me living this life, this moment…" When we learn to embrace ourselves we become softer, our internal dialogue is nicer, and as a result we also tend to become softer and nicer with people around us: we realize we are in the same boat.