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About Nina

  Teahupo'o on a longboard.

 Teahupo'o on a longboard.

Nina has a background as an internationally recognized professional windsurfer, kiteboarder and surfer. At the height of her career in watersports she stood out as one of the best female kiteboarders in the world and was considered a pioneer in her sport. She has had worldwide media coverage, and was featured surfing the notorious wave "Teahupo'o" (Tahiti) in the IMAX movie "Ultimate Wave Tahiti," surfing alongside 11-time surfing world champion, Kelly Slater.

Nina is an experienced and highly qualified yoga teacher. She has practiced yoga for more than 20 years and teaching for more than 10 years. From 2007 to 2011 she ran her own yoga school in Tahiti, she has taught several yoga retreats and workshops in Greece and Norway, and continues to teach weekly classes. In addition, she has a passion for music and is a singer-songwriter (her CD "Winter Without Snow" came out in 2010). She loves painting  (on fabric and watercolor paintings inspired by her years living in the Pacific). As far as academic background goes, Nina has a Master´s degree in Political Science focused on environmental politics. She applies her environmental consciousness in her work as a volunteer in ocean-related environmental organisations, working to raise environmental awareness and organising grassroots action, such as beach cleanups, or other community projects.

Nina is mostly known for her unwavering belief that anything is possible. She has a positive go-for-it attitude and already from an early age she enjoyed challenging stereotypical ideas of the limitations of being a woman in a male-dominated society. Nina embraced girl-power as a young girl, and has since developed into a fervent believer in the power of women, or as she puts it: "the strong potential of women who stand together and support and encourage each other."


When she does something it tends to be with all of her heart and mind. It is obvious when looking at her background that she has a mindset of positivity, possibility and unwavering dedication. Nina has practiced yoga since 1995 and has been a yoga teacher since 2007, and the yogic philosophy is central to her life philosophy. It is through yoga that she finds the necessary courage, trust, dedication and strength to identify and follow her dreams. She says her greatest source of internal strength and peace is her connection with nature. Staying true to her heart at all times, she trust she on the right path and moves through life as if on an adventure, trusting that the next step will be the right one for her.


Ok, even though it might be a bit cheesy, I am quoting one of my own songs to tell you my story. So to describe the song on the left:

I come from viking-land: Norway. When I was 16, I followed my dream of becoming a professional windsurfer and I moved to the Canary Islands. At 18 I moved to Hawaii, met my soul mate there, moved to his home in Tahiti, and found peace. I lived in the Pacific for about 14 years. Then we spent 6 years in Norway, before I realised I can't live fully without having regular access to the ocean and surfing. Fuerteventura is my next stop on this journey of a life. I am the mother of a daughter who was born in 2010, and becoming a mother is by far the most significant and beautiful thing I have ever experienced.

 I have an undying affection, devotion and connection to the ocean, and I need saltwater to be happy.(I think I might have a mermaid-soul:)

 I love absolutely everything in nature. I get very excited about spring-leaves popping out, the color inside a flower and other miracles.

I am spiritual, and believe that everything and everyone is connected (by love…but we just tend to lose sight of that sometimes). 

The wind guided me in several ways: I was a windsurfer, always looking for the best wind and wave conditions, and windsurfing made me happy and in tune with nature. Also, wind as my guide means that I trust the universe to take me where I am supposed to go. I follow my heart and seem to end up the right place.

Being spiritual I feel that there is pure light in our world/universe that promotes love, healing and connection. When we are in tune with our inner lives, things become simple and clear. Yoga helps me connect.

The beauty of nature inspires my life and I do my best to follow my heart and reach my potential, at the same time as "rooting/grounding" myself, trying to keep my feet closely connected to the earth (by nature I am quite a spaced-out dreamer). 

The ocean is my refuge that helps me recharge. Underwater I feel "embraced by spirit." Although my life  has turned out pretty awesome, I certainly have gone through some heavy stuff and hit some big bumps in the road, and in those moments, the ocean has represented a healing force for me.

I believe that the meaning of life is to share, connect, support and encourage each other. There is no doubt in my mind that the true meaning of life is love, and we find love when we recognize how similar we all are. When we see we are all the same, compassion, connection, confidence and cooperation comes naturally.