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About Nina


I am an experienced and qualified yoga teacher, registered with Yoga Alliance as an “E-RYT 500” from Yogaworks (E.RYT is the abbreviation for “experienced registered yoga teacher”). Yogic philosophy is central to my  personal life philosophy. I have practiced yoga for 25 years and have been teaching since 2007. From 2007 to 2011 I ran my own small yoga school in Tahiti, I have  taught several yoga retreats and workshops in Greece,  Norway and Fuerteventura, and I continue to teach in Fuerteventura where I  now reside.

Yoga has been my main philosophical inspiration in life since I was about 16 years old. The philosophy of yoga is basically my "life toolbox" and yoga has given me many of the tools and techniques I use on a daily basis to feel happy, balanced and free. I combine yoga and meditation with a handful of mental-training techniques to be able to guide my mind toward positivity and balance, and I love sharing these techniques and seeing other people thrive!  

I have a background as a professional windsurfer, kiteboarder and surfer, and have lived most of my life on islands in the Pacific (Hawaii & Tahiti) and Atlantic (Canary Islands). At the height of  my career as a sponsored watersports athlete I was recognised as one of the best female kiteboarders in the world and was considered by some a pioneer in my sport. I have had worldwide media coverage (magazine covers, articles, TV, movies etc.), and I was featured surfing the notorious wave "Teahupo'o" (Tahiti) in the IMAX movie "Ultimate Wave Tahiti," surfing alongside 11-time surfing world champion, Kelly Slater.  I continue to surf—longboarding is my passion— as much as possible.

As for formal education, I have a Master´s Degree in International Relations (focused on environmental politics), and I am a Montessori teacher. In my spare time I work with an environmental NGO, and work to educate children about ocean conservancy.

These days I dedicate a lot of my time to sharing the mental and physical tools yoga offers—teaching yoga one on one, and in groups as regular classes, workshops and retreats. I also offer private sessions and retreats teaching various mental and physical techniques and lifestyle hacks to help people create healthy habits that lead to a balanced and happy life. 



I believe that everything and everyone is connected (by love…but we just tend to lose sight of that sometimes).

I trust the universe and my intuition to take me where I am supposed to go, so I try to follow my heart and trust I will end up the right place. Along the way I learn from both successes and failures. I believe that when we are in tune with our inner lives, things become simple and clear. Yoga helps me connect.

The ocean is my refuge that helps me recharge. Surrounded by the ocean I feel "embraced by spirit." Although I have been incredibly fortunate in my life, I certainly have gone through some heavy stuff and hit some big bumps in the road and in those moments the ocean has represented a healing force for me.

I believe that the meaning of life is to share, connect, support and encourage each other. There is no doubt in my mind that the true meaning of life is love, and we find love when we recognize how similar we all are. When we see we are all the same, compassion, connection, confidence and cooperation comes naturally.