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Testimonials: What people say :)


The best thing with being a yoga teacher is that you get to connect with your students, and share the magic of yoga! Here is what some of my students and workshop participants say:

About PRIVATE RETREATS (Fuerteventura):

“Having Nina as a yoga teacher (and as a host) has been wonderful. After a week of morning/evening (sometimes both) yoga classes with her, I can only be grateful for everything I have learned and the good energy I felt after Nina´s classes.

I really appreciate all the care she took in preparing the classes (both the physical and the philosophical part), highlighting not only the things I did right but also giving me tips to improve my practice and looking into detail in each posture we practiced in order to get the most out of it. 

I have been into yoga for some years now, but I have found it very difficult to find teachers with whom I can “connect”, feel comfortable and that make me feel that they actually care about my learning curve and the way I feel. I am so glad I found a teacher like Nina, and having her as a private teacher was delightful!!! I am already counting down the days to go back for another retreat :)

On another note, we made it a bit challenging for her, as it was not only me in the classes – my boyfriend (who had only practiced yoga twice before) came to all the classes with me, and Nina perfectly adapted all the sessions to both levels (and I got my boyfriend to finally start loving yoga as well!).

As for the studio, we were not planning to stay there at the beginning, but it was a great choice. The studio is very cozy and nicely decorated, and the huge terrace is perfect for chilling outside. Also, it is actually very handy having the classes 30 seconds away from home, as her yoga studio is just downstairs. In our opinion, this bit also made the whole experience more pleasant. 

To sum up… thank you Nina for your great energy, your wise lessons, your care and effort, and for making me love yoga even more than what I already did:)  and of course, I would recommend Nina 500% to any yoga-lover (and also to someone who is only curious about getting started with yoga), she is a great professional and a beautiful person.



(Private yoga retreat April 2019)

“I just came back from a week of surfing&yoga at Nina's – a great experience.

Being an absolute beginner in both, surfing and yoga, I expected more or less a hard time with the schedule - the plan was few hours of surfing and a yoga session every day (think sore muscles, feeling clumsy, struggling all the time etc; I have experience with many other sports so I know how frustrating the first steps in a new physical activity can be).

However, Nina has been an excellent, reasonably demanding guide and also excellent motivator, so any frustration of mine has been kept to minimum. Also a friend of mine, who is moderately experienced in both surfing and yoga, had a great time (Nina's reasonably demanding guidance was on a somewhat different level for him).

Additional bonus was that all arrangements were super easy because we stayed at the loft apartment in Nina's house.

The verdict: five stars.”

Alesh (Private yoga and surf retreat May 2019)

About SURF AND YOGA retreats (Fuerteventura):

“Half of the reason why we booked this particular surf and yoga camp was actually Nina, that is, what we have read about her on the web. And we were not mistaken, it was even much better than we had expected. One of the best vacations that we have ever had. Unfortunately very short... 

We had two yoga sessions a day, one in the morning, one in the evening, and four hours of surfing in-between. We were also a bit lucky, only four of us in the group.

The morning sessions were "to wake you up", not too tough, but also not too easy. The evening sessions were more relaxing, meditation oriented, and we could not think of a better way to end the day.

Not only that Nina is an excellent yoga teacher with such a spirit you can not find often, she is also a very, very good surfer, prepared to help you on the water with her professional advices any time. (She used to be one of the best kite surfers in the world.)

When the famous yoga teacher B.K.S. Iyengar said: “The hardness of a diamond is part of its usefulness, but its true value is in the light that shines through it”, he might as well have had Nina in his mind...

To conclude: we just adore her. And we will be back there in El Cotillo (where she lives now) very soon.”

Lea and Bostjan (attended week-long yoga and surf retreat in Fuerteventura November 2018)

“ I LOVE IT!!! 

It was not only the whole package but the way you made us feel during the entire journey what I liked at most. I could spend time analyzing the retreat as a whole in a more „analytical way of thinking“ but it will never reach the „soft-way“ you made us enjoy it. I’ve never thought before that I could be so impressed and with so energies about joining Yoga in my life. I like the familiar touch you brought into it, even spending your free-time with us and trying to improve us. The passion which with you live yoga got into our souls and I was so impressed about how good Yoga can do to your body and soul.

Soooo…that would be my general feedback about the experience I got with you Nina. I can not say anything bad or wrong…it was awesome how it was and I loved it!

-Alberto (attended week-long yoga and surf retreat in Fuerteventura November 2018)


"I discovered yoga with Nina during my holiday to Fuerteventura. Her passion and life philosophy brought me a lot both spiritually and physically. Great moments and a meeting with a very nice person...I can't wait to return to the island for a weeklong retreat of yoga. Thanks again for those magic moments."

(Original text in French: "J ai découvert le yoga avec Nina lors de mon séjours a fuerteventura, sa passion et sa philosophie de vie m’ont beaucoup apporté sur le plan spirituel et physique. Très bons moments, rencontre avec une très belle personne ... hâte de revenir sur ton île , pour une semaine de retraite totalement « yoga » .🙏 Encore merci pour ces moments magiques")

-Alexandra (attended semi-private classes in Fuerteventura, July 2018)


"Nina is a teacher with her own style of practicing yoga. She is fabulous!!! Her classes are a mix of a physical and philosophical practice. She is passionate and transmits her knowledge. She corrects the postures and helps you achieve wellbeing. You would have to go to El Cotillo to find a teacher like her!! A big thanks. Added to that she speaks french perfectly. Each class is different depending on your mental and physical state. I left Fuerteventura enriched." 

(Original text in French: Nina est un professeur qui a sa propre pratique du yoga. Elle est fabuleuse !! Son cours est un mélange de pratique physique et philosophique...Elle est passionnée et transmet son savoir. Elle corrige les postures et vous fait atteindre le bien être. Il faut aller à cotillo pour trouver un professeur comme elle !! Un grand merci 😊. De plus la pratique de langue française est parfaite. Chaque cours est différent en fonction de votre état mental et physique. Je suis repartie de fuerteventura enrichie.)

-Sophie (attended semi-private classes in Fuerteventura, July 2018).


"Hey Nina, thanks for the nice lessons; nice, strengthening and relaxing lessons and I also learned about the meaning of yoga and its terms, very happy about that! I really appreciate your exact eye for having the right position, there are a few poses I never did the right way and you showed us how to do it. I was really enjoying it and I hope to find similar classes in Switzerland.

-Luana (joined classes in Fuerteventura, 2018)


"Thank you so much for these wonderful yoga classes. I love your style of teaching, I learned so much in these 3 days. I love your workshop style and that you are so fully emotional into the yoga philosophy!"

-Marie, Vienna (joined classes in Fuerteventura, 2018)


Dear Nina,
I finally found the time to write you a feedback and it‘s important to me to do this.
You‘ve introduced me to the world of Yoga and quite frankly I enjoyed it a lot! In my job I usually travel a lot: train, taxi, flight, hotel. In addition my working days are long. As much as I enjoy doing this job I can feel an imbalance both physically and psychologically. For quite some time I‘ve been thinking about how I could manage to bring back some balance to my life while maintaining this job that I love.
And I believe I might have found the answer.
After your yoga classes I could literally feel a relief in mind, body and soul, that would last for days to come.

-Nick (joined classes in Fuerteventura, 2018)


"Considering whether you should set aside time to go to yoga and SUP (standup paddling) at Nina´s workshop? Put aside all doubts and open up to grant yourself some wellness. I did, and would recommend it to everyone (also those who have never practiced yoga or tried SUP- Nina is a attentive and considerate teacher.


-Lisa-Sophie L. (joined workshop and classes in Norway)


"I practiced yoga with Nina from 2007 to 2011 in French Polynesia.  Nina was not my first mentor but she certainly has been the most meaningful.  I’ve been looking for a yoga class  where I live now, but none have suited me as well as Nina’s.  Thanks to her and the memory of her courses and her spirit, I still try to practice yoga on my own several times a week. Nina has even inspired me to share my own yoga with others!

Even if she is quite far away now that she has moved, her spirit is so strong that she is always close somehow.

My daughter and son also practiced yoga with Nina and several years after, they still talk about all the good times they shared with her and the other pupils, and about everything they learned from Nina.

Thanks Nina for sharing your spirit strength and especially the correct posture of every single asana.

Aloha, Iaorana, Maeva, Manava, Om, Namaste.

-Loana Viaud (joined regular classes for a period of 3-4 years in Tahiti)


"Nina and I lived in the same village on Tahiti for a few years and even in this Polynesian paradise where smiles are the norm, she radiated a what I can only call an uncommonly strong, really good vibe. It was wonderful having Nina and her husband in our small community. I´ve been studying yoga since I was 19 and there were no yoga classes in our area of Tahiti so I was thrilled when Nina started teaching. My first yoga teacher (in the US) had been trained by Iyengar himself, so I didn´t think Nina´s classes would come to close to what I had experienced before- but they did!

Her yoga, like her life, is the perfect balance of activity and spirituality."

-Celeste B. (joined regular classes for a period of 3-4 years in Tahiti)


"The day that my path crossed yours, everything changed: I found myself, got in touch with my body, my life, and anything became possible! Thank you for everything you share.

-Elsa Michel (joined regular classes in Tahiti)


"With Nina, you get the best.  Her teaching brings your body and your mind  that feeling of wellness that everyone seeks. Yoga works on your body in a harmonious way, bringing you to the here and now.  The spirit of yoga helps you to appreciate your body and not to judge yourself even if the postures seem difficult. The yogique method of breathing makes you joyful. Yoga helps heal physical and mental wounds . 

I will never forget the sensations, and emotions, the feeling of total harmony of the body and the mind I felt during yoga practice with Nina. I practiced with her for a long time when I lived in Tahiti, and her teachings still help me when faced with difficulties in life."

-Helene Henry Meng. (joined regular classes for a period of 2-3 years in Tahiti)