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Private Yoga and Surf Retreats

Want to learn or improve your surfing?

Want to learn or improve your yoga?

In these retreats I have teamed up with experienced surfer and surf coach Teiva Joyeux to give you a week to take both your yoga and surfing to the next level. Surfing and yoga combine beautifully: let’s surf the waves of life!

Exclusive Private Surf and yoga retreats

If you are looking for personal attention and a high-end experience; this is it. I have teamed up with Teiva Joyeux (click to know more about him) to offer you exclusive retreats where you get personalised attention and guidance throughout. You will receive daily private yoga lessons and surf coaching, and you’ll be staying in my peaceful and private loft apartment with a huge private sun terrace. This a retreat week to take your yoga and surfing to the next level; we are at your service to support your development throughout.

Yoga, surfing and meditation are activities that complement each other well, and in just one week you will gain a new perspective on how to handle your mind, body and surfboard! In the classes we explore the idea of riding the waves of life; both the ones in your mind, and the ones at the beach. Together we make a schedule that suits your wishes for the week.

  • Yoga classes are held in my private studio and generally focus on a dynamic and physical yoga practice with an introduction to some concepts/philosophical principles of yoga philosophy (click here for more info). Since this is a private retreat we can accommodate classes to look at specific parts of the practice that you are interested in.

  • Morning yoga lessons generally focus on physical poses (asana), breathing exercises (pranayama) and simple meditation techniques, setting the stage for a relaxed stable mind and strong body ready for a day of surfing in the sun!

  • Evening yoga lessons generally focus on relaxation and meditation, calming down and digesting the teachings of the day, both from yoga and surfing.

  • During the day you will go surfing  with highly experienced surfer and private surf coach Teiva Joyeux (click to find out more about him) at some of Fuerteventura’s best surf spots.

  • Since this is a private retreat, each surf lesson will be completely suited to your level and desires.

  • You will learn everything you need to know to paddle into and take a wave, or if you are more experienced, you will advance by looking closer at your technique and getting detailed instructions of how to improve your surfing skills, wave-reading and overall performance.

  • You will learn about the history and culture of surfing, as well surfing etiquette, theory of waves, currents, wind etc.


The perfect combo!


Surf and yoga complement each other.


Learn how to surf, or take your surfing to the next level.


Learn the basics of yoga, or take your practice deeper.

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