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Teaching yoga...such an honor.

Nina Joyeux


I truly love teaching yoga. It is a blessing.  It is such an honor to get to be part of people´s lives on this journey that yoga is. Every class I teach leaves me with a deep feeling of gratitude for yoga and the people that share it. It is a bit difficult to put words to the feeling that teaching yoga gives me actually, but if I try I might say it is a profound feeling of being in the right place in my life, right here, right now. 

I started practicing yoga when I was about 17 when I was on my way to become a professional watersport athlete (what?!?! how fast almost 20 years have flown by!). Yoga almost immediately became a balancing practice for me, a time and a way to balance out the somewhat aggressive, or at least very competitive, adrenalin-seeking parts of me. For me, yoga has never been competitive. I think I needed the balance, as the sports I was doing all day were fast,  "extreme,"  and rough, and yoga offered me softness and stillness.  Yoga never was "extreme" for me in a physical sense. I never had a goal of becoming super flexible in yoga, there was never the drive or desire in my yoga practice to achieve a certain asana or to feel like I "succeeded" in the physical practice of asana. Yet, yoga was an "extreme"  practice for me, offering a whole new way of experiencing life. Yoga gives me extreme peace, a feeling of connectedness with nature and all beings, a new sense of calm, quietude and happiness. 

For many years I practiced at home (a little worried that if I went to yoga class too much my competitiveness would kick in... Yoga was my refuge where I never wanted to tap into any competitiveness).  In 2007 I became a yoga teacher and ever since, teaching yoga has been an important part of my life. I love sharing yoga. I love teaching and I love going to other teachers' classes. I love how yoga teaches itself, and I just convey simple parts of yoga as the teacher, but mostly just need to let yoga speak for itself. In class, I often talk about this as "the magic of yoga": how yoga itself—the practice, the philosophy— teaches us as we go. It's as if the right lessons come at the right time, and I believe this ancient philosophy and practice works so organically within us that as we move inward and come to understand ourselves better, the yogic "system" helps us release tension and mind patterns that don't serve us, and reveals the beauty, the love and happiness that exists within us (and in all beings). I love the journey, this path of yoga, and how yoga itself adapts to our needs in any given moments as long as we are open to it. 

I have never left a yoga class (either as a teacher or student) feeling anything but bliss and peace. My husband sometimes laughs when he sees me come home starry eyed after class. Certainly this practice can be challenging and bring up emotional baggage that is uncomfortable, and sometimes I cry in class, but the releasing of emo-baggage is a good thing and a natural part of the process. It's not as if yoga is always easy, but it certainly is rewarding.

This morning I taught a class which had really nice energy. Someone had used the same room to teach yesterday and had left candles all along the walls, so I lit them all, and the room was serene and nice. We went through some sun salutations and focussed on balance asanas. One of the students asked if I could post the text I read out loud, so here it is (this is a sort of paraphrase from somewhere but I am not quite sure from where as this was in some old notes I had in my collection of notes that I use in class to bring up various themes):

"When we practice balance in yoga, we move gracefully towards balance in our lives. We learn how to fail without losing faith in ourselves. By practicing balance we become comfortable with the idea of falling, so that when we are off balance, we don´t  wait until we fall hard, but rather take action ( move gently out of the pose) before we fall. If we fall or come out of the pose, we take a deep breath, remove ourselves from the situation, refocus and come back with renewed calm. We watch our minds and catch it before it starts judging and being self-critical, and learn to truly appreciate that we are healthy, alive, doing as good as we can, and that this is perfect."

If you want to try out a similar sequence to the class I taught today:

3 Surya Namaskar A (for the first two take some extra breaths in Plank pose to make sure you are set up correctly, and add 3 x Bhujangasana, on the last one you can roll up to Urdhva Mukha Svanasana)

3 Surya Namaskara B (going through the first one slowly with extra breaths in Utkatasana, Plank or Chaturanga Dandasana and Virabhadrasana I)

Closed eyes balance, lifting one foot off floor.

Vinyasa with closed eyes.

Balance in Adho Mukha Svanasana (lifting opposite leg and arm)


Vinyasa with closed eyes

Ardha Utkatasana (with option of going forward with hands to floor or arm balance)

Vinyasa with closed eyes


Virabhadrasana III variation (arms behind like wings, chest slightly up to get the feeling of flying)


Prasarita padottanasana variation (arms forward to stretch shoulders)

Thigh stretch on floor ("supine ardha utkatasana" or "pigeon")

Legs and arms up in air, circles with wrists and ankles

"Freestyle 5 minutes" (time to do whatever you want or feel like you need)



Remember that if you'd like to join me this summer for my yoga retreat in Karpathos, you can click here to find out more or sign up:)

NEXT Yoga and SUP workshop: Oslo, September 7th

Nina Joyeux

On August 2nd we had the first Inspired by Aloha "Alohakai Workshop"  and it was a great success. Now I am excited to invite you to the next workshop taking place on September 7th from 12:00 to 16:00.

The workshop will be in Oslo and is a 4-hour long workshop that will be focusing on Yoga and standup paddling.

We will begin with a 2-hour long flowing yoga-session to heat up our bodies, soften our minds, release ourselves of burdens of the past and let go of self-limiting beliefs. With our fresh, new attitude we head off to standup paddle (SUP). We will also bring some yoga onto the water, playing around with some SUP yoga.

This workshop is for everybody. Don't worry if you haven't done much yoga or have never tried SUP. The whole point is to challenge yourself a little bit while  honoring where you are at right now. 

From yoga philosophy we learn to love the way things are right now, we learn to practice yoga in a therapeutic, gentle and respectful (to ourselves!) way. SUP teaches us the importance of balance, and lets us connect with nature in a whole new way.

It really doesn't matter if you have no experience or are a pro: you will find what you need in this workshop.

We will learn about some basics of yoga philosophy and I will give you some of my best tips for implementing easy healthy habits to make everyday life a little healthier:)

By the end of the workshop I hope you will be feeling relaxed, refreshed, inspired, healthy and happy… Yes, I believe it is possible to feel all this after just 4 hours!!! And my intention is to make that feeling a lasting experience...

Sign up here!

I love yoga.

Nina Joyeux


Yoga is essential to my life. It is simple really: yoga brings me peace and happiness.

I often speak of the "magic of yoga," because to me, yoga is magic. There is nothing else that I know of that is so powerful. Yoga has the power to shift my mindset, my thoughts, my feelings, my physical body, my soul. Yes, my soul. Yoga heals me in every single way imaginable. And the magic part is that I really don´t have to do much: yoga does it for me. Not that I am lazy, but yoga is so amazing it takes care of me and lets me just relax and enjoy. Of course I have to show up on the mat, I have to show up to the moment, I need to connect with my breath, hear the silence and let the incessant flow of thoughts flow on by…but once I am here…now…the magic of yoga appears. Everything else fades away, and all that exists is the moment, the peace, quiet, and endless gratitude for everything and everyone. 

Yoga is so much more than the practice of asana  (physical postures), however the practice of physical postures is a great way for many of us to enter into the magic realm of yoga.

Using our physical body while focusing on the breath, making sure to practice in a therapeutic way and practicing non-violence or ahimsa in our mind (inner dialogue) and body (not forcing your body into postures that don´t feel right for you in that moment), is a great way to start discovering the deeper effects of yoga. When we use our bodies in asana and become acutely aware of our breath (pranayama) and the details of the moment in our breath, bodies and mind, we move toward a meditative state and it is here the magic begins...

Maybe you want to give it a try? While I recommend going to a yoga class to make sure you get proper guidance and learn yoga in a safe and therapeutic way, you might want to play around with this sequence called Surya Namaskara A, which is a great way to begin linking your breath and movement and generating heat in the body.

Small steps

Nina Joyeux

"Small steps forward, and one at a time, with those small, but solid feet of mine…"

Stepping out of my comfort zone and posting a homemade recording of a song I never dared put "out there" before. These days I am challenging myself on a daily basis to go a little bit beyond my comfort zone, and every time I do it, I feel like I am one small step closer to realizing my dreams and fulfilling my highest potential.

One step at a time.

Finding peace in nature.

Nina Joyeux

Whenever I feel drained, worried or sad I turn to nature for some help.

I know that nature holds that secret, silent medicine that I need. Nature has its powerful, subtle way of transforming my mind and energy from tired, confused, sad or whatever else to light, shining and relaxed.

Sometimes we might forget that nature is always there, right next to us, as if holding your hand and ready to support you through anything you might be experiencing as pain or fatigue. A gentle breeze strokes your hair, some of the sun rays warm your heart, a bird sings and reminds you how important it is to connect with that song that exists in your heart and soul. A tree grows before you in all directions at once: downward through the roots, extending itself down through the earth, relying on and trusting the soil to hold it steady…(we learn of trust and being grounded). The tree reaches its branches freely, lightly up towards the stars (we learn of grace, staying light and always extending ourselves to our highest potential). The trees flowers, leaves and fruits  are magical proof of the diversity that can grow from us if we allow ourselves to stretch our souls and our innate beauty freely in the space around us, unafraid to stand naked and proud (you get my point!?!).

Sometimes our first reaction to stress, pain and fatigue is to hide out in bed, close the curtains and withdraw from the world ( I know that can be my reaction at least!), but the medicine we need to heal our pain is right there in a tree, a cloud, the sky, the ocean. I try to remind myself of this when I am down, and I take refuge in nature. Connecting with nature is my medicine. Nature has a magic effect on me, bringing me to this moment in a heartbeat. As soon as I choose to truly connect with her, everything else disappears, and bliss appears.

Discovering self-love (mini-exercise)

Nina Joyeux

Self-love. Love yourself.

For many of us just reading these words creates resistance in our mind. "I am not supposed to love myself" , "how can I love myself, when I am so…xyz (fill in self-loathing word)", "loving myself is narcissistic..." It can be hard to find self-love when you are used to an internal dialogue that is self-sabotaging.

We tend to block ourselves with self-sabotage of various sorts, and the internal self-hatred is a huge block we better tear down (I promise it doesn't serve us well in any way whatsoever!) So together we are going to start discovering and practicing self-love. For most of us it does´t come easily, and it takes time to let go of bad, old habits of self-hatred, so we need practice and dedication. 

I am going to keep it simple today, because we can easily get bogged down in the details, but I want us to start the process of tapping into the power of a positive internal dialogue. I want you to challenge yourself to play the game, and even if you have to "fake-it-till-you-make-it," and even if it feels very awkward at first, a dedicated practice of self-loving exercises will eventually lead to yourself realizing, believing and knowing that you are in fact beautiful and oh-so-lovable.

The exercise is just a beginning step in the direction of discovering deep self-love which is simply a reflection of the truth: because you ARE BEAUTIFUL and OH-SO-LOVABLE. The truth is that you are AMAZING. I know that already, but if you have any doubts, it´s time to begin this practice. You are not alone. 

So repeat after me (out loud or in your mind, it does´t matter, but you have to "say" or "exclaim" to yourself it, not just non-chanantly read it.)









Peace, love and aloha always,



Inspired by Aloha

Nina Joyeux

So this is it!

This is the beginning of my project called: Inspired by Aloha.

This is the moment that I break away from self-limiting beliefs that hold me back. This is one of those defining moment for me, when I stop being shy and start sharing. I have been working on this project for months, and now I am oh-so-ready to share it with you! It´s a bit scary, but I am doing it anyways.

I am excited to be sharing this moment with you, and I look forward to hearing more of your story. It´s a long story how I ended up here. Just like it probably is a long story how you ended up here with me.

I bet there have been ups and downs, smiles, tears, joy and fears. I bet you learned a lot. I know I have learned a lot from my ups and downs, from my journey so far. And here our paths cross.


I am happy you have stumbled across, or been led to, this place. My intention and hope is to create a space  for women that feels safe, inspiring, happy, healthy, clear and supportive. This space is supposed to be somewhere you come to find friendships, creativity, motivation, support, energy and wellness. As you will notice I talk about many different  topics within this space, and there are several ways you can connect with me both online and offline.


Here are some of the topics you can read about:


I hope you take the time to look around and please sign up to my newsletter to stay in touch!

 If you have any questions or want to connect for courses or workshops, be sure to send me a message:) 

Stay posted, there will be lots more to come,

Until next time, 


Nina Joyeux

Whenever I look at this painting, I visualize being out in the ocean, longboarding.

It is one of the most free feelings I know. A feeling of being one with nature, one with the moment. Nothing else is in my my mind in that moment. Just the pure joy of feeling the ocean pushing me gently ahead, the white water tickling my toes, the sun heating my skin and the speed of the movement making a gentle breeze in my hair. The colors of nature, too beautiful to describe. Nothing can touch this freedom. 

You don´t have to be a surfer to know this feeling. What makes you feel this way? 

Toes on the  nose

Toes on the  nose