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Finding peace in nature.

Nina Joyeux

Whenever I feel drained, worried or sad I turn to nature for some help.

I know that nature holds that secret, silent medicine that I need. Nature has its powerful, subtle way of transforming my mind and energy from tired, confused, sad or whatever else to light, shining and relaxed.

Sometimes we might forget that nature is always there, right next to us, as if holding your hand and ready to support you through anything you might be experiencing as pain or fatigue. A gentle breeze strokes your hair, some of the sun rays warm your heart, a bird sings and reminds you how important it is to connect with that song that exists in your heart and soul. A tree grows before you in all directions at once: downward through the roots, extending itself down through the earth, relying on and trusting the soil to hold it steady…(we learn of trust and being grounded). The tree reaches its branches freely, lightly up towards the stars (we learn of grace, staying light and always extending ourselves to our highest potential). The trees flowers, leaves and fruits  are magical proof of the diversity that can grow from us if we allow ourselves to stretch our souls and our innate beauty freely in the space around us, unafraid to stand naked and proud (you get my point!?!).

Sometimes our first reaction to stress, pain and fatigue is to hide out in bed, close the curtains and withdraw from the world ( I know that can be my reaction at least!), but the medicine we need to heal our pain is right there in a tree, a cloud, the sky, the ocean. I try to remind myself of this when I am down, and I take refuge in nature. Connecting with nature is my medicine. Nature has a magic effect on me, bringing me to this moment in a heartbeat. As soon as I choose to truly connect with her, everything else disappears, and bliss appears.