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Inspired by Aloha


Your path to an peaceful, energetic, happy and healthy lifestyle. Learn the tools necessary to bring with the very best in yourself.

Inspired by Aloha

Nina Joyeux

So this is it!

This is the beginning of my project called: Inspired by Aloha.

This is the moment that I break away from self-limiting beliefs that hold me back. This is one of those defining moment for me, when I stop being shy and start sharing. I have been working on this project for months, and now I am oh-so-ready to share it with you! It´s a bit scary, but I am doing it anyways.

I am excited to be sharing this moment with you, and I look forward to hearing more of your story. It´s a long story how I ended up here. Just like it probably is a long story how you ended up here with me.

I bet there have been ups and downs, smiles, tears, joy and fears. I bet you learned a lot. I know I have learned a lot from my ups and downs, from my journey so far. And here our paths cross.


I am happy you have stumbled across, or been led to, this place. My intention and hope is to create a space  for women that feels safe, inspiring, happy, healthy, clear and supportive. This space is supposed to be somewhere you come to find friendships, creativity, motivation, support, energy and wellness. As you will notice I talk about many different  topics within this space, and there are several ways you can connect with me both online and offline.


Here are some of the topics you can read about:


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 If you have any questions or want to connect for courses or workshops, be sure to send me a message:) 

Stay posted, there will be lots more to come,

Until next time,